» BREAKING: Decent Dell customer service – now more expensive!

Dear Customers,

We know that Apple provides you great customer service for the first year for free and for a small fee thereafter. Unfortunately, we have come to realize in our short-sightedness that we can’t “make” money using this business model. While happy customers may say nothing; unhappy customers write about their experience on the internet – for this reason we would like to offer our Decent Customer Service team. Now if you have an issue that cannot be resolved by our standard (read: awful) customer service you do not have to contact the Consumerist. Instead, for a nominal fee you can get the same customer service that our brothers in Cupertino provide you for free. Of course, since we’re a penny-pinching, soulless corporation, you can pretty much guarantee that all you are paying for is to talk to someone without an accent who still can’t find your laptop or determine when the backordered part will arrive – even though the same part is used in roughly 90% of our models. We hope you understand that we’re failing as a company trying to race to the bottom and forgive us our mis-givings as we catered to the Wal-Mart shoppers of the world rather than focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

Michael Dell

From the Consumerist

» Red album cover revealed!

The long-awaited 6th album from Weezer is set to debut this June and at long last the cover art and tracklisting have finally been revealed for all eager fans to enjoy. It’s been a long time in the making but I for one am ready for its arrival.

The cover (at right) has been officially revealed for the first time at AOL’s Spinner.com.  There you can also find the current track list for the album to be released on June 24.



» FancyZoom really rocks my socks (and my site)

FancyZoom 1.1 (released in February) from Cabel Sasser is a bit of JavaScript used on Cabel’s blog and later rolled to Panic’s site is a very attractive way of implementing thumbnail viewing on your site.  From the site, It is “Designed to view full-size photos and images inline without requiring a separate web page load” and a wonderful job it does at that!

It is a breeze to install for anyone running their own site with instructions that are easy to follow.  When I ran into a snag and emailed Cabel he responded with the help needed to realize it was my own fault.  This alone is quite a feat considering I’m not a commercial user.

According to the site FancyZoom is free for non-commercial sites; however, if your site is of the revenue-generating sort Cabel requests a one-time fee of $39 / site.

Feel free to peep the demo (click the thumbnail) I have set-up below or visit Cabel’s site here to intall it yourself!

» Hosts file issue

When I was first setting up wordpress on my Mac mini (which as you’ll recall is on my dedicated DSL line) I ran into a problem using the dynamic DNS name I had set-up.  With wordpress when I wanted to visit the site from inside my LAN it would automatically re-direct to the location of the set determined in settings.  This caused a problem because that location pointed to my dynamic DNS which in turn pointed to my WAN IP address and well as you can imagine wordpress go boom.

My temporary workaround during installation and initial set-up was to ignore this entirely as I was only working on the site from home.  This was short-lived as I realized I had a life and wanted to work on the site when not sitting in my home office.  Oh, yeah, and I guess I wanted the rest of the internet to have access as well – I suppose that was a factor as well.

What I ended up doing was using two hosts files, one that had the following line:     aroncares.dnsdojo.com

and another that had that same line commented out:

#     aroncares.dnsdojo.com

To quickly switch back and forth I used two shell scripts, set to open by default using Terminal, that copied a “home.hosts” or “away.hosts” file on top of the hosts file.  (FYI, in Leopard, this file is located at /etc/hosts)  This worked great and was easy enough, but it didn’t have the panache that I was looking for in this situation.

The final solution that I worked out is really everything that I want (unless you include my desire to have this site hosted elsewhere) given the situation.  What I ended up doing was taking a crash course on AppleScript and writing an application that would simply ask me whether I’m home or away and act accordingly.  Interestingly I was able to give the shell script root privileges which is required to make changes to the hosts file.  For anyone that is interested I have pasted the syntax of the script after the jump.

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» Day 3 – rejoice! more fixes!

I figured out the theme had a built-in search widget that I needed to use rather than the standard wordpress widget. Using that widget fixed my gripe with the search widget being ugly. I also did some more CSS tweaking (mostly just colors).

I also found fixed a bug where empty search results weren’t calling the footer so the whole page looked somewhat off-kilter. Ugly.

Today was also exciting in that I dove into the uncharted waters of PHP! I played around with the post header/footer and was able to finally get what I was after. I moved the post author to the footer and I got the full date in the footer as well.

All in all it was a very productive day!

» Day 2 – some small fixes and more info

Utilizing my EXTREMELY limited (non-existent) knowledge of PHP I managed to create a Page.php template separate from the Articles.php template. This resolved one of my issues with this theme – specifically, since there was not previously a Pages.php template my About and Contacts pages were simply using the posts template – not attractive.

I also dugg into the CSS a little bit and changed a few colors around to suit my liking. While I was doing that I discovered some sidebar stuff that could (possibly) be tweaked to make it (and my search widget) less ugly. I know a TINY bit more CSS than I do PHP so I stumbled my way through rather than commenting-out random lines and crossing my fingers.

Here are some details about the site that might interest anyone who is curious… Since I am not financially capable (broke) I cannot currently afford paying someone else to host the site. It’s another monthly bill and I would rather buy a house. That being said I am hosting the site on my Mac mini using my business DSL line. Until I get a domain set up I’m using the free and awesome dynamic DNS service. It is particularly nice because for OS X there is a dashboard widget that updates dynDNS of your IP address.

I know you’re probably thinking “oh crap, if three or more people are on this site it’s going to crash” – well, you’re probably right. Actually, I have more faith in Apache, MySQL, and PHP on my Mac mini than I do my ISP’s ability to handle the bandwidth.

I consider this quite a feat because of two points 1) I know almost nothing about most web technologies – the fact is I’m a n00b. But I’m proud to admit it and determined to change it. I think that’s important. The reason this is a feat is because it was incredibly easy to set up using OS X.

The UNIX underpinnings in 10.5 make my Mac mini a fairly robust server for a fraction of the cost of an Xserve. Enabling Apache required me to simply check a box – that’s it. Granted there were a few other steps involved in enabling PHP and installing MySQL; but let’s be realistic, one is going to have to dirty one’s hands at some point.

Please pardon me if I’m sounding too much like a “fanboy”. In all honesty, I would install whichever OS made it the easiest – I’m not afraid of using a Linux distro. or installing Windows on a Mac. The fact is that OS X made it the easiest to accomplish the goals I wanted to accomplish.

» Day 1 – Oy vey!

OK, this is my first post that has any real value to it whatsoever… So far I have the following issues that need to be resolved:

  1. Nobody is reading this
  2. Posts do not have the day of month in the date
  3. Permalinks are ugly (as in, without alibi)
  4. About, Contact, etc. pages are using the blog page template and are showing category, date and comment information. Just fixed this one – w00t!
  5. The overall appearance of some of the elements on page do not look very distinguished. This is noticeable on some (read: crummy) LCD displays.
  6. The search widget is ugly (see #3)

I’m sure more will become apparent as I get deeper into this – but for just starting out it’s not that bad.

Future plans:

  1. I’d like to edit my sidebar widgets so they appear to be separate boxes form each other. I want them to have rounded corners, and ideally, be collapsible.
  2. I want some widgets on the bottom of the page. Recent posts, maybe my Flickr photostream, etc.
  3. I need to register a domain as well. I’ve heard good things about 1and1 but right now it’s not in the cards (i.e. bank account = empty)

If anyone happens upon this post please feel free to hit up the comments to offer any suggestions or notify me of bugs you find. I’m taking a kind of continuous improvement approach with this so hopefully with a little luck, a few magic beans, and some late-night geekery I will have a decent site up soon.