» Now Featuring Pretty Permalinks!

In case you weren’t already aware this site or blog, whichever you prefer, is running on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 (not server) and is powered by the WordPress blogging engine.  Because this site is running on a simple Mac mini with Apache enabled the project is extremely “DIY” and as such I have had to figure it out as I go along.  No fancy hosts or one-click installs here, everything has been extremely manual; except, of course, the Famous 5 minute WordPress Installation!

One hurdle I have had to overcome is being able to use pretty permalinks to make my site more friendly.  Permalinks (short for permanent link, get it?) is a static URL to some content on a site.  That content can be a specific page, a particular article/post, or a collection of posts within a certain category.  

By default WordPress’s permalinks follow this format: http://somesite.com/index.php?p=1 and unfortunately that format is just plain ugly.  Having a pretty permalink like this: http://somesite.com/2008/01/01/sample-post/ means hyperlinks on your site and around the web will be more attractive and usable to others.

Read on if you want to know my story about the trouble and success I had with getting pretty permalinks working on my site.

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» iPhone 3G unboxing pictures, now with more indecisiveness

iPhone 3G

Ameoma.com has posted what seems to be the first set of unboxing pictures featuring TWO iPhones 3G of differing color.  Impressive, somebody is doing very well for themselves!  And since I am still unsure with what color I am going to go (you don’t know either!) I thought it would be good to point this out.  Oh, and props to Ameo for taking some cool photos – I need to find out what his(her) setup is.

Update: It looks like Ameo is having some trouble so I am going to help out and mirror the files here.  Check them out after the break.

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» I [heart] Fail Whale

If you aren’t on Twitter or are living under a rock (or both, perhaps) you may not know my latest love interest.  In any case Fail Whale is Twitter’s faithful representative bringing joy to the hearts of those in pain when there are too many tweets.

If you want more information or just to be part of something special go visit the Fail Whale fan club site here or peep the banner to the right.  Also don’t forget to give some love to Yiying Lu, the famed creator of the comforting whale; you can peep the original illustration along with some other great work here.