» Convert Beejive for iPhone to Beejive for iPad

Beejive IM is a great app, I use it on my iPhone regularly. However, it has long been a point of pain that Beejive is not a universal app for both iPhone and iPad. I would simply buy the iPad version, however when I purchased the app it was $10 and having a dedicated iPad version is not worth an additional $5 expense to me.

Call me cheap if you want, but I don’t think the sum total of functionality is worth $15. I do, however, think it is worth the $10 which is currently being charged. In any case, after tinkering around with the Facebook for iPad hack, I had the thought that this same trick might work for enabling Beejive on my iPad. Using iFile on my jailbroken iPad, I modified the binary, restarted, and BOOM Beejive for iPad loaded without issue.

The process I used is from The Next Web:

  1. In Cydia, search for the iFile app and install it.
  2. Open iFile and navigate to var > mobile > applications > directory.
  3. Open the iFile settings using the cog wheel icon at the bottom of the screen and switch ‘Application Names’ to ‘on’.
  4. This will allow you to see which folders relate to which apps. Find the Beejive folder and open it. Inside that, open Beejive.app.
  5. Find the ‘Info.plist’ file and tap on it. Choose ‘Property List Viewer’.
  6. Find the ‘UIDeviceFamily’ option and select it.
  7. Change the value here from ’1′ to ’2′ and tap ‘Done’.
  8. Reboot your iPad and then open the Beejive app.

I was surprised that this worked and I’d be willing to bet there are other apps where this same trick would apply. I’m not necessarily endorsing the refusal of paying developers their fair share, but if you are wanting to check out an app that is seemingly non-universal, this isn’t a bad option.