» The Period, Our Simplest Punctuation Mark, Has Become a Sign of Anger | New Republic

On text and instant message, punctuation marks have largely been replaced by the line break. I am much more likely to type two separate messages without punctuation:

sorry about last night
next time we can order little caesars

Than I am to send a single punctuated message: 

I’m sorry about last night. Next time we can order Little Caesars.

And, because it seems begrudging, I would never type:

sorry about last night.
next time we can order little caesars.

The final example in the quote above does seem really harsh!

» Possible iOS 7 delay

Many different sites have been discussing a rumor about a possible iOS 7 delay largely due to an Ive-directed overhaul of the user interface. I haven’t seen anything from the usual people sources that tend to have really good sources. However, this bit from the Bloomberg piece did strike me:

Staff from Apple’s Mac team have also been roped in to help the mobile-software group finish the job

Sound familiar?

» iPhone sales projections are ridiculous

Tero Kuittinen writing for BGR:

Apple missed the consensus when it shipped 47.8 million iPhones during the Christmas quarter. At the end of December, Apple was still expected to sell 52 million units during the Christmas period. That disappointment combined with bad news from Apple’s contractors has not only depressed March-quarter volume expectations, but also sent June-quarter projections dropping to extreme lows.

The 26 million unit volume would mean a decline of 45% between the December and June quarters. A year ago, Apple’s iPhone volume declined from 37 million in the Christmas quarter to 26 million in the June quarter of 2012. That 30% decline was partly a result of how slight an upgrade the iPhone 4S represented compared to the iPhone 4. Now Wall Street has started anticipating zero volume growth between the June quarters of 2012 and 2013… while global smartphone shipment volume soars by more than 30%.

I’m not exactly sure why Apple is at fault for a shitty analyst’s inflated sales predictions. Especially considering the fact that 1) iPhone sales were up year-over-year at the end of 2012 and 2) comparing a holiday quarter to a non-holiday quarter is a complete non-sequitar.

Considering the iPhone is trouncing the competition’s profit numbers, I don’t understand why Tero feels the need to throw his hat in the ring with the other shitty analysts and post this obviously biased and uninformed drivel.