» Day 1 – Oy vey!

OK, this is my first post that has any real value to it whatsoever… So far I have the following issues that need to be resolved:

  1. Nobody is reading this
  2. Posts do not have the day of month in the date
  3. Permalinks are ugly (as in, without alibi)
  4. About, Contact, etc. pages are using the blog page template and are showing category, date and comment information. Just fixed this one – w00t!
  5. The overall appearance of some of the elements on page do not look very distinguished. This is noticeable on some (read: crummy) LCD displays.
  6. The search widget is ugly (see #3)

I’m sure more will become apparent as I get deeper into this – but for just starting out it’s not that bad.

Future plans:

  1. I’d like to edit my sidebar widgets so they appear to be separate boxes form each other. I want them to have rounded corners, and ideally, be collapsible.
  2. I want some widgets on the bottom of the page. Recent posts, maybe my Flickr photostream, etc.
  3. I need to register a domain as well. I’ve heard good things about 1and1 but right now it’s not in the cards (i.e. bank account = empty)

If anyone happens upon this post please feel free to hit up the comments to offer any suggestions or notify me of bugs you find. I’m taking a kind of continuous improvement approach with this so hopefully with a little luck, a few magic beans, and some late-night geekery I will have a decent site up soon.

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