» My Google Wave sonnet

Please enjoy this poem (in iambic pentameter) I wrote for the Google Wave team.

****** Google Wave ******
**** By Aron Trimble ****
I would really like to join Google Wave,
I think that I could help make it behave.
I’m a big fan of Google’s new service,
and bugs do not make me at all nervous.
I saw the video of Google Wave,
It’s technology that I really crave.
Please accept my request for an invite,
It would bring me joy and it would excite!
And once you finish reading this sonnet,
You must get off your butt and get on it;
Let me participate in this beta!
I surely will give you lots of data.
Oh please let me join in on Google Wave,
And let me have the tech that I so crave!

If you’d like to sign up for Google Wave invites, go click the link and fill out the form.