» Year in review: 2008

2008 was a pretty busy year — a lot of things happened that made it quite a ride. I thought I would take a moment to go over some of the more notable events that have occurred in the last 366 days.

UPDATE: It took me almost three months to realize that last year was a leap year. My apologies to 02/29!

January started the year off nicely, I purchased my Mac mini and then my Pioneer plasma TV. My home theater had never been more excited! At the time I used Front Row + Sapphire for watching TV shows in HD since my complex’s cable provider is pretty crummy.

February was kind of a blur that mostly involved our puppy, Bella, peeing everywhere. She was potty-trained at that point but she had a bit of a bladder infection that would not go away. We were worried about her for a while but she, like a champ, overcame.

In March I joined the real (internet) world and activated an account with Twitter. Unfortunately for the internet my personal life is now all over the place! I actually really enjoy Twitter; and, as a result I have met many talented people which I would have never known otherwise.

The following month, April, is when I started this site. At the genesis of aron cares the site was unattractive and I didn’t even own my domain! Since then I have learned a lot and even purchased my domain name. I still like hosting my own site because, honestly, it’s fun.

In May our economy was [not] in a “recession,” so the government sent everyone “economic stimulus” money; because I’m a good American I spent that money rather than saving it. I ended up purchasing a Playstation 3 for use as a Blu-ray player; it was a great decision and I don’t know why I waited as long as I did.

June rolled around and I went to Florida for my yearly vacation to Navarre Beach. It was incredible weather every day (except for one), and it was extremely relaxing. During that week iPhone 3G was announced for release in July; it was a very exciting announcement. This was also the month in which I overhauled the site’s PHP and CSS so that everything was standards-compliant.

Beginning early July I started working on Project SelliPhonesOnEBay in which I unlocked and sold 1st-gen. iPhones for all of my family members. The resulting revenues were used to purchase previously mentioned iPhone 3Gs when released on July 11. The project was a success with every member able to purchase a 16 GB iPhone 3G — we actually netted about $100 profit! On the 25th of July I was in my best man’s wedding. It was a lot of fun and very tiring. It wasn’t until that day that I really appreciated my groomsmen.

In August I was supposed to go to another friend’s wedding but I ended up missing it entirely. As it turns out going to the rifle range the same day you are supposed to go to a wedding is not a good idea.

In September iTunes 8 landed and brought with it HD TV shows and HD movie rentals for Apple TV owners. Of greater significance is the hurricane that hit Houston. Ike affected many people in bad ways; my family evacuated to San Antonio. Luckily, it did not affect my friend’s wedding for which I flew to Kentucky. I was a groomsmen and good times were had by all.

Weezer came to town in October and my awesome wife took me to the show for my birthday. I left work early to get in line 6 hours before the doors opened; I had general admission, standing room only tickets. It was a huge success, I was at the very front in the middle of the stage!

I turned 23 in November and it was fan-freaking-tastic! This was also the month that we put an offer on a house; it was scary but exciting. In November I also began blogging over at TUAW, that has been such a blast! Thanksgiving was enjoyable and stressful, being with family is always bittersweet. I love them though and count each one of them a blessing.

The jingle bells had been ringing since October but it wasn’t until December that it really felt like Christmas. It snowed in Houston, which was crazy! I went on a business trip to Sacramento and had a relatively good time. Immediately after that I drove to Austin for family Christmas #1of4. The end of December featured 6 days of vacation + 3 company holidays which totaled 2 weeks off of work. During those 2 weeks my wife and I closed on our house which we’re very excited to move into in the coming weeks in January.

2008 has been a blast and sure there were some negatives in there too but overall it was very positive. I’m looking forward to being a homeowner in 2009, my wife graduating, and continuing to blog for TUAW.

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